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  • In 2002 I was nominated NYer OF THE WEEK  for the extensive stress therapy I did with the members of the       FDNY after 9/11. I taught some of them how to meditate. 

  • In 2003 (I think, I forget exact date) I became a rock star in Serbia. My song MISSIONS OF THE MIND went #1 there for awhile. I have performed my original music in Europe and around the USA for over 20 years.

  • In 2006 I received an honorable mention award for my music video  
  • The film festival judges did not know if it was experimental film or just a music video. So they gave me an "in between, we don't know" award. 

Featured Author:Betsy Thomson

I do lots of different things! I am a storyteller, singer-songwriter, film-maker, painter, doodler, AND MEDITATOR. I teach mindfulness meditation to children and teens.


 I lived in NYC for a long time. Yay NYC! Now I live in Bucks County, PA. where I grew up  on a farm. I don't always like talking about myself but I will just so you can get to know me a little better. Some factoids about me: I have a BA in Theatre & Speech. In the 90s I did a lot of acting, directing, and costume design. I even designed and built clown costumes for Barnum & Bailey's Clown College!  When I was a kid I had a secret pen pal... dancer/actor Gene Kelly. Not so secret. We wrote back and forth for many years. Gene always took time out to write to me. Eventually we got to meet in person. One of my favorite movies is SINGING IN THE RAIN!

I started meditating about twenty years ago. I have been practicing and studying Vipassana, mindfulness meditation, ever since. I try to meditate a couple of times a day. Now I am not saying this is always easy but I know it is a good thing to do. So you can see from my bio page, meditators do lots of different things.

Once when I was attending an event where His Holiness the Dalai Lama was speaking, I got to be right up close to him. He greeted me and touched my hand as he walked by. I remember feeling blessed. He had the most peaceful and happy energy I ever felt. 

Mitchell and I have been buddies since 1979. Mitchell and I dream of having a METTAMOBILE  (green-powered). My mom came up with the idea! We will go everywhere in it so we can teach kids, families, parents, or anyone how to meditate. 

                                With Mitchell Hoffsteader and Betsy Thomson