With Mitchell Hoffsteader and Betsy Thomson

I once heard this quote from the Dalai 'Lama': "If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation".  My hope is that MEDITATION, MY FRIEND will help teach lots of children how to meditate so this can become a reality. 

Creating and publishing MEDITATION, MY FRIEND has been a true labor of love. I helped Mitchell work on it slowly and steadily for about five years. We had a lot of help from some real talented people like Kris Tenner graphic designer, proofreader Sue "eagle eyes" Kurowski, and Sean O'Meara our story consultant. 

Our book took us a little longer than we thought to write and publish. That's because we had to deal with some serious lumps and bumps in the road. The hardest one to deal with was when my dear mom passed away suddenly, Mitchell's Grandma Willy. That was really a rough time for us but we made it through. Meditating helped a lot. Now we send her a lot of Metta! 


Some good 'news': Mitchie already has ideas for his next kids books. Personally I think his ideas are great. He is going to write about stuff like "eating mindfully", and "going green mindfully". You will be seeing his videos and his new comic strip starring POPPY and HOOBISMitch says "STAY TUNED CAMPERS" and follow him on Facebook!