With Mitchell Hoffsteader and Betsy Thomson

Aka:Mindful Mitchie

AGE: Almost 10 yrs old. Preteen

Weight: Puny

Height: About 39"

Eyes: Black and white

Hair: Fuzzy, dirty blond

Marital Status: Single, but I have a crush on 3rd-grader Emily Perez. She is dreamy.

Awards: 1996 Poet of the year award for "Antique Pillow".

BFF: Betzilla!


Featured Author: Mitchell Hoffsteader


Favorite food right now: Noodles with butter

Least favorite food:Smooshed peas (it looks like something from one of my science projects...ewww....gross!)

Favorite books: "MEDITATION, MY FRIEND", “The Tao of Pooh”, “Bunnicula",  The Giving Tree, Where The Wild Things Are, 

Hobbies: Galactic space travel in my rocket ship “BLIP”. Collecting icicles, but Betsy gets all twisted up over this sometimes especially when she goes to the freezer to get ice cubes and all she finds is my secret icicle collection. I tell her to "chill out"  :) ...they are impermanent anyway...  

Favorite things to do:  MEDITATING OF COURSE! Doing METTA! BEING MINDFUL! Doing things to help others, like bunnies, people, babies, all types of animals, my friend planet earth! Skateboarding and art and music. LEGOS!Sniffing pine needles.

Favorite subject in school: I would pick recess but my teacher, Miss Millmont, says that is not a subject! Does she have to know everything? Because of that limitation I am mindfully leaning toward Art and Science.

What I want to be when I grow up: A mindful jazz poet scientist and writer, and I want to be even more kind and helpful. I’ll be a superhero who helps planet earth and animals. I’d help by flying above the trees in my rocket ship ”BLIP”, with a Hoffsteader smile.  I’ll be A CREATOR too, because I like making things! I would like to grow a big garden with tomatoes and flowers.

What I would love to do:Pet and hug a baby elephant-hugs, kissy Kissy...yes yes! Brush and feed peanuts to a baby elephant.

My Band: MitchellHoffsteader and the Bingo Pilots (Betsy's a Bingo Pilot)